Summer in touch!

Only this summer ! From June 15 to August 31, you can exchange any tourist sim card for a SmartSim.
But that's not all! Refill for the balance of your new card SmartSim - and each time the payment amount will be increased by 30 %! *
Summer vacation is fast approaching, and already want to leave the dusty red-hot city toward adventure . Distant countries beckon us with its mystery and exoticism , new discoveries and opportunities for recreation.
But not everyone can afford to leave the job , business , family and loved ones. Many of us need every minute to be connected, and international roaming , as you know - a costly service.
But now things are changing ! Want to save on communication services abroad? SmartSim company offers you a great solution!
Exchange map at: Nagatinskaya st., 1 page 44.
Pre-registration by phone: +7(495)933-69-79. You can also use the services of a courier service delivery.
cost - 50 rubles.
Delivery 1 to 5 working days.
* promotion is valid from 15.06.2011 to 1.06.2012 07.06.2011

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