Look for profitable international roaming? Well, your quest has just been successfully completed! Company SmartSim – this is what you need for each user who wants to get high quality communication services at affordable price.

Roaming. First, some terminology

Roaming - is the provision of telecommunications services to customers located outside the "home" network.

"Home" network - a network service provider, from whom you purchased the SIM card. As a rule, it extends to the outside of one of the village, but still has its own territorial boundaries. Leaving them, you get in range of the so-called "guest" network. In this case, and begins to act roaming.

The latter exists in three forms: intra-, national and international.

Intranet roaming 

Involves the ability to use your carrier communication services within Russia, but outside their hometown.

National Roaming

So called phone service in the network of another mobile operator. But again within Russia.

International Roaming

Suggests the possibility of providing communication services to users in another state.

Today, when the boundaries of the world widened and became almost transparent , the need for this kind of service is especially great . International roaming is almost every telecom operator , only the rates it different everywhere . But , be that as it may , in most cases, they are still extremely high. Despite assurances advertising operators , incoming and outgoing calls from another country today is still a luxury not available to everyone . It turns out that our compatriots traveling the world , forced to save every ruble resorting to communication services only in the most extreme cases.

People who are not used to limit yourself to communicate abroad, have to pay a huge bill for the connection.

And yet, this rule has exceptions and happy. Thus, the company's customers SmartSim can talk abroad, not counting the seconds. Reducing the cost of mobile communications with its high quality and affordability - one of the tasks that we successfully solve.

Why calls abroad so expensive from other operators and so we have available?

The thing is that usually, leaving the limits of the "home" network, the subscriber immediately "attached" to the "guest", and which diverted all his calls. At the same time for each call now responsible for two of the operator. Accordingly, you will have to pay both. Moreover, users also have to pay for and transfers of "home" network and vice versa. Needless to say how all this increases rates - roaming is virtually the "gold."

On the client will be charged for all. Innocuous request for account status may result in this case, serious financial losses. Very costly and is also such a service as "forwarding" calls. Unplanned expenditure possible and many other occasions. For example, if the called party including fax or answering machine.

The worst in this situation is the fact that the write-off money from the account in roaming is often performed with a time delay, ie You can talk without knowing what your balance is "left" in the negative. And only after your phone is locked, you will learn about the need to update your account. Agree, suddenly find themselves in a foreign country with no connection - not a pleasant situation. And this may well happen to those who use its international roaming cellular operator.

In turn, the company SmartSim offers you a convenient and affordable roaming on GSM communication quality. Reducing the cost of the services we are able to achieve through the use of a rather complex technical scheme involving the subscriber connection without unnecessary intermediaries, and accordingly, no overpayment.

Roaming tariffs in the company SmartSim favorably to the rates of other operators. Make sure that you can study our proposal. The site has a form in which you can learn about the prices of incoming and outgoing calls to a particular country in which it operates , our proposed SIM card . Select one of the 231 countries and you will get information about the price of mobile roaming in our company and the Russian telecom operator (MTS, Megafon, Beeline ) . You might be surprised how substantial savings funds will purchase our SIM card . Buy it , you get a unique opportunity to make free calls to 80 countries around the world and make outgoing on favorable terms in the 231 state. However, no monthly fees , no mandatory payments to our customers does not exist.

Roaming SmartSim. Main advantages

  • Quality and affordable connection.
  • Low roaming rates.
  • Keeping your phone number.
  • Availability such service as gprs roaming , unlimited internet in roaming , mobile navigator , etc.
  • Unlimited validity of SIM card.
  • Incoming SMS are free worldwide.
  • Lucrative offers for corporate clients: the legality and official services.
  • All mobile phone costs abroad employees may be officially assigned to the company for the costs of tax accounting.
  • Unlimited roaming: for communications services You pay upon their delivery.
  • We do not limit you to the number of calls !

By working with SmartSim, You can no longer save on phone calls. Low rates with high quality of communication - that's what you can count!