DataSim - unlimited internet abroad

We offer a unique service to you: connection to unlimited international bandwidth in 110 countries with a card DataSim!

  • You no longer have to pay for internet connection when traveling abroad!
  • you stay in touch with your partners and friends!
  • available to you:
    • favorite music
    • audio
    • games
    • chat using Skype or Fring
    • and all of what you used to do during the World Wide Web
  • You will know exactly how much to spend for the use of the network!
  • have come a huge bill for roaming tariffs that are so fond of national operators.


  • Unlimited 3G Internet access
  • Free communication via the Internet on Skype, video mode
  • Navigation GPS
  • Microsim for iPad and iPhone 4S

* At the conclusion of the annual subscription service fee is only 750 USD per month!
* For more information about the rate and its connection, please fill out an application.