Have your SIM cards not expire, so your permanent international number, you can make a business card. You're always connected!

Postpaid system.

Recharge SIM cards provided by a reduced internal rate cu cashless payment.

Mobile spending abroad employees may be formally attributed to the costs of tax accounting.

Advantages of our SIM cards to local
foreign sim cards:

  • Saving its international mobile number: You do not need every time to buy a new sim card in the host country and to inform their colleagues and relatives a new phone number.
  • Outgoing calls in Russia is cheaper than foreign operators.
  • Quality communication is better than individual local operators: map SmartSim selects the best signal.
  • Technical Support - in Russian.

Quality communication

  • Unified international sim card works in 231 countries around the world.
  • Great communication quality GSM. Cim card selects the best signal local operator if the automatic network search on your phone.
  • Cim card works in the system 3G (Japan and South Korea).


  • Validity SIM card payments and is not limited. Permanent single number for all your trips.
  • Ability recharge via the Internet by credit card.
  • Available GPRS-roaming.
  • Possibility of Service "Mobile Navigator"
  • Ability to learn location of the subscriber in all countries where the SIM card.


  • In 80 countries incoming calls - free (Europe, the main tourist destinations). In these countries, you can receive calls even with zero balance.
  • Incoming calls in 80 countries, from 0.07 to 1 € per minute.
  • Incoming SMS - Free all over the world.
  • Outgoing SMS from 0.11 to 0.3 €
  • Outgoing calls to Russia from most countries, on average, 0.35 cu per minute.
  • Validity SIM card payments and is not limited.
  • No subscription fees, mandatory or hidden fees.