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The question on Business server

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The Ability to store accounting information to the media outside of your organization may be interested owners and respectable companies with extensive branch networks, warehouses, offices in different buildings or units in several countries. Remote servers are vital for organizations with several officers should work with single database of documents in a secure and safe environment. Respectable companies that set the servers in the data center in Russia, governed by the laws of our country and on the first demand of the law enforcement bodies are ready to give the information about clients for their organization. Confidentiality of information is not a priority for these companies to attract clients they are trying other "more : 24-hour technical support; services administrators on outsourcing is designed to monitor the hardware, software license; by leaving the office professionals who will teach accountant to use the server, save the output to it secret from employees. In this case access to the remote computer is directly through shortcuts "desktop". But to random users failed to take advantage of the remote server, the output of the accounting documentation close passwords.

The Concept of safe office


Safe office abroad will allow:

  • Optimize costs.
  • Use the most modern technologies.
  • To Receive a high level of security .
  • Enhance the performance of the business.

Pros information office abroad:

Formats access

  • Rent space for placing equipment
  • Partial service (provision of infrastructure).
  • Partial service (infrastructure + software platform).
  • Capital (full service).

Cost of

  • 24/7 recovery
    • 1 user 14.5 EUR per month. The mailbox up to 1Gb.
    • 1 user 17.46 EUR per month. The mailbox up to 5GB.
    • The Cost of deployment 1050 EUR (one off payment)
  • 8/5/4 recovery
    • 1 user EUR 9.5 per month. The mailbox up to 1Gb.
    • 1 user 14,06 EUR per month. The mailbox up to 5GB.
    • The Cost of deployment 1050 EUR (one off payment)

Additional services

  • HelpDesk (helpdesk user management) - 5.5 EUR per month for 1 user
  • "PowerUser" (control-mail) - 75 EUR per month
  • Archive - 225EUR in 1 month on 100 users
  • Connection (VPN IPSec)


  • Security business process
    • Security Policy
    • The Impartiality of staff
    • Privacy information
    • responsibility Distribution
  • Information Security
    • European legal field
    • Encryption and data backup
    • Uptime
    • Private Internet and mail

The Service and SLA

  • The Main office (Windows, MS Office, E-mail, Shared resources, antivirus, and Storage of documents, Archives, CRM)
  • Private office (Windows, MS Office, E-mail, Shared resources, antivirus, Applications, and Storage of documents)
  • SAAS mail server MS Exchage 2010 (2 options)
  • SLA service
    • 4 levels (from 20 minutes to 18h. on elimination)

Rent information business office abroad is the perfect solution for Your business!

  • You only pay for what you use
  • No capital cost
  • No cost for staff

We will be glad to show you all the features and advantages of work with use of solutions "Information business office" and to answer all questions interesting you.